Electro-hydraulic actuator


Hydraulic actuation is the best solution when high forces and critical control modulating is required. 
The design of this system is extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit many different application or plant requirement, providing a highly customised product in various configurations: 

  • Centralised power pack designed with built-in accumulator rack and control cabinet for control of one or more valves.
  • Self-contained hydraulic units with compact power pack integrated with the actuator.
  • Fully independent hydraulic system for on/off or modulating service.
  • Hydraulic unit for HIPPS application on safety and critical valves.


    • Increased safety with automatic fail safe position in case of electric power failure.
    • High level of reliability due to continuous monitoring of working status.
    • Compact execution with reduction of dimensions and weight due to the availability of high pressure hydraulic medium for actuator operation.
    • Hydraulic energy stored in high pressure compact accumulators, available at any time under all circumstances.
    • LCD display for easy calibration, position, pressure and fault diagnostic.